An Essential Of Modern Architecture – The Suspended Ceiling

False Ceiling
There are many ways to decorate a room in your home or in any commercial place. The furniture, fittings, lighting, curios, plants etc. add to the look of a room. A false ceiling, suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling is the latest addition in the world of architecture and construction.

This is a secondary ceiling, and it is helpful in concealing pipes and wires that will otherwise be exposed and can look quite unsightly. The ceiling tiles that are used to cover the original ceiling come in different designs and materials.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dropped Ceilings

The quickest way to give any room in your home a fresh look, is to change the ceiling tiles. If you want to sound proof a room, there are special tiles that can be used. To replace the tiles on the ceiling you should know the size of the suspended ceiling grid, on which the tile sits. They come in two sizes, and once you know the correct size you can order for the new tiles easily.

The advantage of having this kind of a ceiling is that you can make repairs and alterations if any, without much difficulty. When there is no false ceiling then you have to destroy the plaster before any repairs can be done, causing unnecessary expenses. But the one problem with this kind of a ceiling is that the headroom will be reduced.

The Lighting Options Available For A False Ceiling

Recessed modular light fittings are used when there is a dropped ceiling and it will take the place of a ceiling tile. The light fitting can hold four fluorescent tubes that are available in daylight, cool white or white colours. LED tubes and bulbs are also available. These are quite economical because they consume less energy, emit strong light and the maintenance costs are very low.

Great Quality Products At Very Reasonable Prices

Stores that sell ceiling tiles also stock carpet tiles. There are some amazing colours on sale at unbelievable prices. You can order whatever you want online and the items will be delivered to your door. At times there are special discounts on top of the already reasonable rates and it is a good idea to make use of these offers. Ceiling tile fixings too are available like the angle brackets and drying screws or vine eyes and wires-all the tools that are required to fix a ceiling tile.

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