Things to Keep In Mind before Getting a False Ceiling Done

False Ceiling
False ceilings are also referred to as dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspended ceiling or grid ceiling. Until recently, false ceilings were restricted to office spaces and commercial establishments; however, of late more and more people are adapting to it even to their homes. People often use this as a display of sophistication and in terms of usability, to aesthetically improve the look and feel of the room by covering the ducts, pipes, and wires across the room.

However, there are some things to look into before making a call on whether false ceiling is a good fit for your home. Read on to find out what they are!

It reduces the height of the room

Remember that a false ceiling will reduce the height of your room, meaning that the total square feet of the room would drop down considerably. This could also make the room seem claustrophobic.

Better acoustics: Know that you do get better acoustics in the room with false ceilings. It also absorbs sound that helps in keeping the place quieter.

The space you want to cover is optional

As you decide to create a false ceiling, remember that you can either cover the entire ceiling or only parts of the ceiling. Ensure that you make that decision based on the space and budget available to you.


Maintenance of false ceilings is not very high, but they do need to be cleaned every once a while with a sponge. Having said that, understand that if your ceiling is white, it runs the risk of displaying dullness over a period of time.


False ceilings though effective, don’t last as long as regular ceilings. They tend to sag over a period of time and might need to be replaced. Also, in cases of natural disasters like earthquakes, it is very likely that the false ceilings may be more vulnerable to fall.

Energy efficiency

Most offices and institutions have false ceilings because they are efficient in saving energy. This is because it controls the temperature within a room– it helps reduce the heat during summers and retain the heat during winters.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Since cleaning the insides of a false ceiling is very difficult and tedious, it gives way to breeding rodents and cockroaches which in the long run can be a menace for the inhabitants.

Custom Designs

Although in the past most false ceilings were either square or rectangle, today due to their increase in demand they are available in multiple colours and shapes to choose from. So, ensure that you do your research before finalizing on a false ceiling.

Finally, although false ceilings may seem easy to install, make certain that you get a professional to help. They’re trained to carry out the procedure and give the false ceilings the right treatment to make them long-lasting.

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