Wall Fan Or Ceiling Fan – Which Option Should You Prefer?

False Ceiling
Have you ever wondered why people recommend the installation of the fan on the ceiling and not on the walls? Well, if you visit any auditorium or any big hall, you will discover fans being fitted to the walls as well. However, this is done only when the ceiling is too high or is designed in such a manner that installation of ceiling fan is not feasible.

If the roof is curved or if it is slanted, installing the right ceiling fan in the right manner without any difficulty can be a very difficult task. To avoid this complication, fans are mounted on the wall and are used to circulate air in the room. This simple and efficient solution is cost effective without any compromise in performance.

Well, why don’t you adopt the same approach for your house? It is important to have a clearance of at least two to three feet to ensure that you do not come in contact with the fan even by mistake. In such a scenario, you will need a wall that is at least 10 feet tall.

Further, you should have additional space over and above the spot where the wall fan is mounted. This means that you are talking of at least 15-20 feet of space before the ceiling begins. Do you know anybody who lives in such a big house? Further, do you know anybody who makes such inefficient use of the space?

Is it not advisable to create a false ceiling and use the space above for different purposes? In fact, it is possible to carry out masonry work and permanently install a wall that will help the individual increase the overall floor space.

Considering all these options, there is no doubt that the fan is a very convenient option. Safety apart, it also improves the aesthetics of your room. If you have a relatively big room, a normal sized ceiling fan will be more than sufficient to circulate air all over the room.

If you go in for a wall fan option, you will have to spend a lot of money by purchasing numerous fans. In such a scenario, the only available alternative is to go in for multiple table fans or a single powerful ceiling fan.

Hence, do not conclude that the fan is a boring accessory. There are numerous options but it is the best one around and that is the reason why it is very popular.

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